Stephens Office Systems, founded in 1977, is a locally owned contract office furniture dealership serving the commercial, professional, institutional, and healthcare environments of the Carolinas.

We recognize that each team operates and functions differently within a company. Your work environment should promote your business’s processes, and our experts will help you figure out what type of office furniture fits within your company culture, so that your team can remain productive and engaged during the day.

Whether your business is in need of teaming spaces or private offices, panel systems or an updated conference room, Stephens Office Systems has the experience and knowledge it takes to get it done right with our professional furniture installation service. 

Interior design has the power to create an experience from the moment a visitor or worker walks into the office. Our goal is to provide your space with optimal office furniture that enables your company to excel at what it does best. Throughout our office space planning and design process, we will uphold your company culture vision as well as create an environment that fosters productivity and improve department collaboration.